Maryland Delegates

Maryland Senators

U.S. Congress

Erek Barron ’96, D-District 24 (Prince George’s County)

Ned Carey ’84, D-District 31A (Anne Arundel County)

Bonnie Cullision ’76, M.A. ’78, D-District 19 (Montgomery County)

Dereck E. Davis ’89, M.P.P. ’99, D-District 25 (Prince George’s County)

Eric Ebersole ’80, M.Ed. ’86, D-District 12 (Baltimore and Howard counties)

Tony Knotts ’76, M.P.P. ’92, D-District 26 (Prince George’s County)

Benjamin F. Kramer ’79, D-District 19 (Montgomery County)

Jazz Lewis ’11, M.P.P. ’14, District 24, (Prince George’s County)

Stephen W. Lafferty ’71, D-District 42A (Baltimore County)

Eric Luedtke ’02, M.Ed. ’04, D-District 14 (Montgomery County)

Tony McConkey ’86, R-District 33 (Anne Arundel County)

Neil Parrott ’94, R-District 2A (Washington County)

Carlo Sanchez, D-District 47B (Prince George’s County)

Alonzo T. Washington ’07, D-District 22 (Prince George’s County)

Brett Wilson ’89, R-District 2B (Washington County)

Gail H. Bates ’68, R-District 9 (Carroll and Howard counties)

Jim Brochin M.A. ’90, D-District 42 (Baltimore County)

Guy J. Guzzone ’86, M.P.H. ’88, D-District 13 (Howard County)

Cheryl C. Kagan, D-District 17 (Montgomery County)

Delores G. Kelley Ph.D. ’77, D-Distrcit 10 (Baltimore County)

Susan C. Lee ’76, D-District 16 (Montgomery County)

Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. ’64, Senate President, D-District 27, (Prince George’s, Charles and Calvert counties)

Douglas J.J. Peters ’85, D-District 23, (Prince George’s County)

Ronald N. Young ’67, D-District 3 (Frederick County)

Steny Hoyer ’63, House Democratic Whip, D-Maryland

Dutch Ruppersberger ’67, D-Maryland

Cheri Bustos ’83, D-Illinois

Eric Swalwell ’03, D-California

William Lacy Clay ’74, D-Missouri

Terps in Government

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